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Difference Between Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes

Posted on April 19, 2019 By In Bikes Comparison With disabled comments

Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes both are well known in modern day world for their usage, styles and variable designs. However, a common person often does not know the Difference between Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes. It is a bit difficult to describe for what purpose each one of these is best suited.

Difference between Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes can easily be understood by the trails where both are used to ride on. Here are some features of these bikes which can help you to spot the difference between two bikes.


difference between road bike and mountains bike

Purpose of Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes

Road Bikes are made to ride on smooth pavements (roads or streets). Speed is the main factor and that’s why designs of such bikes are lightweight.

Thin tires and 700c sized wheels help them achieve more speed and avoid resistance on roads.

Mountain Bikes are made to ride on off-road environments such as gravel land, hard roads or muddy areas. The main idea is to save the rider from possible road impacts while riding in tough conditions.

Mountain Bikes is designed by keeping this factor in mind. Hence, such bikes have tough wheels, thick tires, and strong suspension systems.

Basic features of Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes

Road Bikes are lighter in weight. Their frame is built from titanium and carbon fiber to keep it lighter and rigid.

Again the purpose remains the same, to enhance speed especially for racing road bikes. Smooth tires with high air pressure are considered. This way the resistance between road and tire decreases and Road Bikes can accelerate quickly.

‘Road Bikes’ lacks a good suspension system which means they cannot save riders a bumpy road. These bikes have higher gears which help in achieving speed quickly.

Mountain Bikes are comparatively heavier. Their Wide and heavy tires, dense frame and other components reduced speed. However, the same features provide durability and strength.

A good suspension system provides a smooth ride in “mountain bikes” and saves from surprising bumps. However, this system reduced speed as it absorbs energy and increases pedaling labor.

Riders Position on Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes

Mountain bikes have lower gears as compared to road bikes. This way these bikes get more power but lower speed limit.

Sitting position on Road Bikes is crouched forward. Such position allows more acceleration and provides more aerodynamics to the rider.

Sitting position on Mountain Bikes is upright. This position helps the rider to enjoy more control. On the other hand, wind resistance at high speed can forced the rider to slow down.


What bike you should Choose?

Choice of buying a bike depends upon what type of trails you will ride on. The “differences Between Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes” adequately help in this matter.

If you are looking for a faster bike and travel more on pavements then you should buy a Road Bike. Their light weight is helpful in controlling them and pedaling is also easy.

If you are enthusiastic for off roads then you must buy a “Mountain Bike”. Their suspension system and ability to absorb shocks make them suitable for adventures.

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