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Best Giant Mountain Women Bikes

Giant Mountain Bikes Features

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Giant Bicycles brand is the largest Mountain Bikes exporter and bicycle Manufacturer Company in the world. Today the company is manufacturing its Giant Mountain Bikes in Taiwan China and Netherlands facilities.

Giant Bikes is operating in more than 50 countries on all 5 subcontinents. The company is mainly manufacturing the following bikes:

  • Hardtail Mountain Bikes
  • Full Suspension Mountain Bikes
  • Giant Electric Bikes


Giant Mountain Bikes


In this article, we will provide you information about Giant Bikes History. The Giant 


History Of Giant Mountain Bikes

Bike Technology and Innovations, and famous Giant Bike Categories.

The founder King Lu established it in 1972 as a frame manufacturing company. Schwinn Bikes was a major client of Giant Bikes. The company was making two-thirds of total Schwinn Bikes.

However, the company changed into Giant Bicycles Brand in 1981. It started engineering, manufacturing, and production of Giant Bikes. The company is still involved in making Giant Bike Frames for some other brands.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Sunday spinner or you are in love with Giant Mountain Bikes and Giant Road Bikes. Company is making topnotch bikes for everyone. However, Giant Men Bikes are more liked among male cyclist.

For the female rider, a sub-brand with the name of Liv/Giant was launched in 2008. But it was renamed to Liv Cycling in 2014. This brand focuses on female cycling only.


Technological Innovations

The Giant Bikes left its first mark in 1987. It started production of CADEX, a Carbon Frame Bike. Giant was the first company to do so on a large scale. A Carbon Road Bike is considered a unique featured bicycle around the world.

In the mid-1990s, Giant Bikes introduced a Compact Geometry Bike. It was a Giant Road Bike with a smaller rear angle and sloping top tube.


At first, Giant was making its Road Bicycle Frame with 6061 aluminum alloy. Moreover, bladed seat posts and forks were being used to avoid air resistance. However, the Giant TCR Frame came with the carbon fiber in 2003.


 Why Giant Bikes are Different?

The major difference between Giant Bikes and other major brands is in production. This is due to their design, raw material, and manufacturing. That’s why Giant Bicycles takes pride in completing everything in-house.


Giant Mountain Bikes for sale



The quality factor in their manufacturing gives them a leading edge. Moreover, innovation is another factor. Company is regularly introducing new designs, Giant Bike Models, and adding new features.


Unique Features of Giant Mountain Bikes

Giant Mountain Bikes are higher quality bicycles. This is because of their design, material, frame, and manufacturing which make them exceptional. Here are some qualities that set Giant Mountain Bikes. This is what separates Giant from other branded bikes.


Aluminum Frames

The raw material is used to forge the 6061 Giant frames or ALUXX Aluminum Frame’. Giant facilities process the alloy tube sets. Furthermore, tube sets are further refined with a procedure. This process includes extrusion, butting, and shape forming.


These in-house procedures enable engineers to manufacture and process superior quality materials. It helps in making exceptional bikes.


Carbon Fiber Frame

This feature is what makes Giant Bicycles extraordinary. Firstly, carbon is thoroughly woven inside the facility. Then, the frame is shaped by co-molding procedure and filament winding.



Carbon Fiber Frame


This process provides the frame with extra strength. It also gives lightness in weight. Both these qualities offer a stylish quality look.


Suspension Design

Giant Bikes has its own branded suspension design named as Maestro. It is being used in Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes.

The Maestro Suspension uses two linkages and four strategically located pivot points. Together they all function to form a single floating pivot point


Rear Suspension

Linear spring curve in Maestro Suspension gives a sensitive touch to the rear suspension. This in return makes small bumps go away. The suspension works actively when braking applied. This is because of the floating pivot point. This way the rear tire remains gets a good grip on the ground.

Maestro suspension in Giant Bikes completely absorbs all trail impacts. It is used in Hardtail Mountain Bikes, Full Suspension Mountain Bikes. Road Bikes have the same suspension system. No matter whether these are heavy hitting compressions or high-frequency trail vibrations.


Giant Mountain Bike Categories

Giant Mountain Bikes are comprised of best features.  Superior frame and Maestro Suspension System are unique features. The Brand categories its mountain bikes in two types. Hardtail Mountain Bike and Full Suspension Mountain Bike.


  • Giant Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Giant Hardtail Mountain Bikes are perfect for regular traveling. Either you want to test cross country conditions or to try smooth trails. The Giant Hardtail Bikes offers front suspension.  This feature helps on rough roads. As compared to Full Suspension Bikes, Giant Hardtail Bike has a lighter rear. Its rigidness offers effective pedaling.


Giant Hardtail Mountain Bikes



There are two models of Giant Hardtails, XTC and ATX. However, XTC is more popular with 29er Wheels and carbon frame. Smaller size 27.5-inch wheels are good for nimble riding. On the other hand, ATX is suitable for riders looking for an affordable option.


  • Giant Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Giant full suspension mountain bikes can travel on every possible trail. These are good for gravity riding. The full suspension offers great pedaling up the hills.


Giant Full Suspension Mountain Bikes (1)


Are Giant Mountain Bikes worth your money?

Giant Mountain Bikes are worth each penny that you pay to buy one. That’s why Giant Bikes are the most selling ones. The Giant Bicycle Brand offers implacable geometry. These bikes possess unique design features.

It doesn’t matter what bike type you are searching for, Giant Bikes has the right one for you. If you want to look some Giant Mountain Bikes.

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