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Astiboutique Self-Adhesive Silicone Foam Bicycle Tapes: Pack of 2 Padded Anti-Slip Handlebar Grips with Micro Diamond…

Astiboutique Self-Adhesive Silicone Foam Bicycle Tapes: Pack of 2 Padded Anti-Slip Handlebar Grips with Micro Diamond…

Your Hands Deserve The Best!

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Your Hands Deserve The Best!

That’s why Astiboutique has created these amazing silicone foam tapes for all those people who use their bikes daily to shuttle, run their errands, exercise or have fun.

The self-adhesive bicycle memory foam grip will provide you with a secure and comfortable nonslip grip, and it’ll absorb the shocks and vibration, as a way to have better control of your bike.

Each Astiboutique pack includes 2 handlebar tapes that are 180cm long each, and they are able to be installed to any bike you own:

• Fixies
• Cruisers
• Mountain bikes
• Triathlon bikes
• Road bikes
• Dirt bikes
• BMX bikes
• Exercise bike

Invest In A Durable Memory Foam Bike Tape!

Once you install the Astiboutique silicone foam tape to the handlebar of your bike, it’ll stay there intact for a long time.

Thanks to the premium quality silicone and memory foam, and the strong adhesive backing, these handlebar grips are the most durable choice!

Your Bike Will Look Even Cooler!

The foam handlebar tape will not ruin the appearance of your bicycle – on the contrary, it’ll add a nice touch to it.

The stretchable silicone tapes have a stylish micro diamond pattern and the most amazing colors:

• Black
• Blue
• Green
• Grey
• Orange
• Pink
• Red
• White
• Yellow

So what are you waiting for? Pick the color that best matches the style and color of your bike, and place an order for the Astiboutique silicone foam tape today!

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PREMIUM SILICONE FOAM TAPES: Astiboutique has created these premium handlebar grips, using the best quality silicone and soft memory foam. The pack includes two stretchable handlebar tapes with micro diamond pattern. These bike grips are self-adhesive, so you won’t need extra supplies to install them.
HAVE THE MOST COMFORTABLE GRIP: This memory foam tape will absorb the shocks and vibrations at the same time as you’ll be cycling. At the same time, if you wrap the durable foam tape around the handlebar of your bicycle, you are going to have a more comfortable and secure grip, and prevent the creation of blisters.
SUPER STRONG ADHESIVE BACKING: The installation of the Astiboutique silicone memory foam tape is an easy procedure, and you won’t need any extra tools or special knowledge to complete it. Thanks to the super strong adhesive backing, once you install the memory foam grip, it’ll stay intact for a long time.
INSTALL IT TO ANY BIKE YOU WANT: It doesn’t matter what type of bicycle you own. The Astiboutique handlebar tape can be used for all fixies, cruisers, mountain bikes, BMX bike, triathlon, or road bikes, and it’ll provide you with absolute comfort and better control of the handlebar.
WHICH COLOR MATCHES YOUR BIKE? The stylish Astiboutique silicone memory foam tape comes in nine different colors – red, white, grey, black, blue, orange, yellow, pink, and green. So based on the color of your bicycle and your personal style, you’ll choose the handle bar tape color that you prefer.

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