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Mountain Bike Buying Guide in 2019

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This article will help you in going through the mountain bike buying guide in 2019. After reading the article, you will be able to buy the best mountain bike.

Since their invention bicycles have always been thought of as decent transportation means. And just after a half century, bike industry took a giant leap in 1977 when Jo Breeze, an American frame builder, introduced world’s first modern mountain bike Breezer MK1.

Shortly after that production started on a large scale to reshape biking experience and since then people have been crazy for these bicycles.

Now mountain biking has emerged as one of the most loved sports and healthy activity whereas more and more new designs for bikes are coming every year.

At present, there is something for everyone in this sport irrespective of gender and age whether you like to go on a comfortable journey or want to go riding on hilly trails.

Though these are similar to traditional bicycles yet considered best if you are an off-road cycling enthusiastic. As the name tells us these are made for adventures and mountain riding.

You can pick one as per your requirement and needs. There are various designs depending on the topography where you wish to ride them such as Cross Country Bikes, Downhill Bikes, Electric MTB Bikes, Fat Bikes, Full Suspension Bikes, Hard Tail Bikes, and Trail Bikes.





Designs and Brands of Modern Mountain Bikes

Modern day designs include gears, geometry (especially the seat tube angle and head angle), suspension, disc brakes and wide range of tires depending on terrain and weather. These features provide more grip, handling, and accuracy while riding.

Twin seated or tandem is another feature introduced in modern mountain bikes which give freedom to ride them by two or more persons at once.

Likewise, there are many brands in the industry who are manufacturing quality standard ‘mountain bikes’. Here is the list of top Bike brands:

  • Diamondback
  • Firmstrong
  • Royalbaby
  • Huffy
  • Schwinn
  • Dynacraft
  • Mongoose
  • Razar
  • GMC
  • Roadmaster
  • Shimano
  • Subrosa BMX
  • Kent


Features to look for in Mountain Bikes

Although comfort comes first as a priority but still the most important thing to look while purchasing a bike is to think for which purpose (track or terrain) you are buying it.

This simple question can help you find a suitable match with a perfect design. Powerful brakes, large wheels, heavy tires, and a good suspension light weight frame are some general qualities what you would be looking for while buying one.

For different tails, there are different mountain bikes, for example, if you are going to ride a hard terrain you will need a full suspension.

On the other hand, if you are going to ride it for climbing then front suspension would be the first and foremost priority.


A comparison between Wheel Sizes of Mountain Bikes

At first, there was only one size for wheels but today options have increased. Choosing the right wheels is a confusing decision as every size has its own merits and demerits. 24, 26, 27.5 and 29 inch wheels are used often by bike lovers.

24 Inch

This is the smallest size in the wheel and is used junior bikes. Don’t let the word junior fool you as these bikes are as good as others in quality and specification.

These can be called as mini versions of mountain bikes and are specially designed for children of 9 to 15 years old.


26 Inch

This is the standard wheel size for the bikes and offer a good grip. Most bikers prefer 26inch wheels in wet climates and slippery surfaces. This size is known for its stability on trails.

27.5 Inch

This size was first used in MTB bikes and since then has been popular among riders. It has become the first choice and has taken almost the entire market of the 26 Inch wheel bikes.

This is the best choice when you are going on hard-hitting rides. As compared to the smaller size, this enhances strength and increases speed dynamics of “mountain bikes”. More importantly, this size suits well with all frames.

29 Inch

This is the default wheel for XC MTB and goes along with bikes having large frame size, steep geometry, and full suspension.

At first, bikers hesitate to use this size until Trek used it on delightful production bikes.

The 29er Mountain bike is popular among tall riders who are often tall. It is thought to be a good fit for bikers who have a height around six feet. This makes them look proportional to their bikes. So, if you are tall nothing is better than the 29er wheel for you.




For any Mountain Bike, brakes are the most critical element. Make sure that brake system is reliable and has supreme power to stop the wheels.

Most mountain bikes have replaced rim brakes with the disc brakes and only low priced bikes are using rim brakes now.

The major difference between rim and disc brakes is grip. Rim brakes grasp the wheel rims whereas disc brakes grasp rotor that mounts the wheel hub.

It is easy to change rim brakes and these are economical but more effort is needed for them to work.

Disc brakes are of two versions (mechanical or cable activated and hydraulic) and both possess great stoppage power. Mechanical brakes often require manual adjusting while hydraulic offers more strength with little effort.

mountains bike buyiing Guide

Difference between Men and Women’s Bikes

One of the most commonly asked questions is about the difference between mountain bikes for men and women.

There were some major differences but new bikes are suitable for both men and women. The only dissimilarity remains is that size of the frame which is a little smaller for women.

Unless someone needs more comfort now-a-days men and women can easily ride the same model of a mountain bike.

The only limitation which forbids to ride the same mountain bike is body size, not the gender.


The Final Take

We have tried to provide you general information and an overview of some features that you must look for while buying a mountain bike.

There are some other matters which fall under personal preference such as pedals, saddles and seat post.

Sometimes it takes several rides to adjust with the bikes and it is better if you give it a try and chose what fits you the most.

This mountain bike buying guide will help you out in choosing the best mountains bicycle for your next journey. You can further explore our website to find the list of mountain bikes.


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