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4 Best Huffy Men’s Mountain Bikes in 2019

Posted on July 22, 2019 By In Mountains Bike With disabled comments

Huffy has a large collection of Men’s Mountain bikes. Huffy men’s mountain bikes will make your adventures more amazing.

Bicycles orbit if offering best Huffy bikes to fuel your youthful spirit. It is necessary to select the best mountain bike that suits your style. You need to consider different factors that will affect the type of your required bike.


Here is the list of best huffy mountain bikes for men.

1. Mountain Bike 27.5 For Men Huffy Fortress

Huffy men’s mountain bikes 2019


The 27.5-inch Huffy Fortress Mountain Bike is providing the bike riders with high performance and stability. It includes 2 large-size tires. Durable hard-tail steel frame designed for super-riding. The suspension fork provides a super ride with the proper response.



  • High quality lightweight frame
  • Shimano 21-speed torsional shifting system for easy shifting
  • Alloy rim weather resistance, works well under all conditions
  • Kolo Performance Combo I
  • Kolo 1200 suspension fork with 3-piece crank

2. Huffy Men’s Mountain Bike Tyrant 3.0 26″

Best Huffy men’s mountain bikes 2019


Mountain Bike Tyrant 3.0 is made of a lightweight aluminum frame. It includes a flexible suspension fork that cushions the effects of uneven terrain and must stop the linearity of the alloy.

This Mountain Bicycle is equipped with weatherproof rims and oversized tires for both the upper and lower lanes. It will provide you extra benefits on adventurous tracks. If you are planning to buy this bike, visit Huffy Men’s Mountain Bike Tyrant 3.0.



  • Durable and lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Flexible Kolo 3200 suspension fork.
  • Three-piece steel crank
  • Alloy linear brake. Shimano 21-speed torsional transmission.
  • Shimano 7-speed transmission.
  • Oversized 26″ x 3″ multi-section tires for better traction and power; ideal for trails and streets.
  • Alloy quick release seatpost.
  • Weight: 300 pounds
  • Model: 26307


3. 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike Huffy Wrath

Best Huffy men’s mountain bikes 2019


Bring your wrath to take over the trails on Huffy Wrath mountain bike. The bike is designed for high performance riding.

There are 2 oversized tires for high performance and stability without the need for extra tire weight.



  • Durable steel frame
  • Shimano 21-speed torsional shifting system for easy shifting
  • Alloy rim weather resistance, works well under all conditions
  • Kolo Performance Combo I
  • Kolo 1200 suspension fork with 3-piece crank

4. Men’s Mountain Bike Huffy 27.5″ Frenzy


The large-size tires of Huffy 27.5″ Frenzy provide better traction, higher stability and higher rolling momentum for smoother driving. This bike is best suitable for unpredictable mountain trails!

Mechanical front and rear disc brakes provide perfect control while riding the bike. There is also a three-piece alloy crank for maximum performance. The black stitched saddle of the bike helps in comfortable riding.

The quick-release alloy seat binder makes the seat easy to adjust to the right height. The lightweight weathering rim performs well under certain conditions.



  • Seat: padded ATB saddle with stitching, comfort, and style
  • Brakes: Mechanical front and rear disc brakes and 3-piece alloy cranks add superior performance to every drive
  • Tires: 27.5″ x 2.4″ sturdy tires for all terrains
  • Advantages: increased power, reduced force and increased size tires for increased stability and increased control
  • Rim: black alloy rim, metal liquid blue
  • Speed: 21-speed, micro-twist conversion system
  • Pedal: ATB resin pedal with ball bearing
  • Carton size: 61.4″ x 29.9″ x 8.3″

I hope this article will help you out in choosing the best mountains bike for your next trip. Share this article with your friends to let them know about tour bicycles. Checkout Bicycles Orbit for further details

Gravity FSX 2.0 Shimano Mountain Bike Review

Posted on May 27, 2019 By In Mountains Bike With disabled comments

Gravity FSX 2.0 is often represented as a great entry level mountain bike. However, it really surpasses the other entry class bikes in every aspect. This bicycle excels in design and features. Hence, it can easily be categorized as a mid-level bike. This bike is the best match for both experienced and beginners, alike. In this article, we are going to write Gravity FSX 2.0 Shimano Mountain Bike Review for you.

You get to know all about Gravity FSX 2.0. The frame, features, pros and cons, and other crucial details. As a Full Suspension Mountain Bike, it can be handled easily. This Shimano Mountain Bike offers uncompromised comfort. The rider gets a full shock suspension, pleasant gear shifting experience and, full control.


Shimano Mountain Bike Review

Gravity FSX Bike is a great addition to gravity series. The company has manufactured a bicycle that fulfills the needs of mountain riders. Below is a complete review of this mountain bike.


The Frame of Gravity Bike

The company used single pivot technology in its design. The bike’s frame is made of aluminum. This makes it light in weight but also gives durability and strength. The frame is designed to survive and handle hard bumpy rides. It can deliver higher ‘Hydroformed Tubing’ performance on rough tracks. FSX 2.0 can travel a long distance and resist inclement weather situations.

One of the most looked into features is weight. Riders have a solid reason for it. Most of us believe that a bike should be light enough to carry. This is in the case if you are commuting on unpaved terrain. Sometimes rider has to carry the bike if he has to cross something. Luckily, ‘FSX 2.0’ only weighs about 20lbs.


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Full Suspension

This is a Full Suspension Mountain Bike which gives adjustable suspensions. Suntour long travel fork is used in the bicycle. The fork offers an adjustable preload. This means that you can change it to do new styles experiments. Also, it can be altered according to your own riding style.

The full suspension provides an easy comfy ride. The suspension system is fully set up with the slim design of seat and chain. You can ride it on rugged terrains without bumps and worries.


This gravity bike has a 24-speed gear. Shimano shifters attached to it allows smooth gear shifting. For beginners who are looking for something great, this is an ideal gearing feature.

For more shifting, “Suntour XCT Triple Crankset” is added in this bike. However, the chainrings are irreplaceable. It can only last between 170 to 250 hours. So, in such case, you have to change the complete piece.


Tektro Novela disc brakes are used in Shimano FSX 2.0. This provides complete control to the rider. Hence, safety is assured especially when bikers are going downhill or uphill.

These disc brakes have a 160mm rotor. It is auto adjusted and lightweight. The compound pads are ceramic and metal made. Thus, the brakes remain in the right position no matter which terrain you ride. In a way, this feature puts the safety of the rider is in his own hands. One might get surprised to see superior quality material like this in such an affordable bike.



This ‘Shimano Gravity Bike’ has got 26 inches wheels. These are double walled alloy rims. For most of the riders, 26 x 2.1 tire size is a standard size. These are usually lightweight hence, offer a smooth long ride. Whereas, this size is also good for newbies as it is easy to control.


Help Guide for Different Size Choices


Gravity FSX 2.0 Shimano Mountain Bike comes in 4 different sizes. You can pick one as per your body size. For your help, we have listed all these with respect to riders’ body sizes.


Rider Body Size Standover Size Wheel Size Bike Size
5 Feet 6 Inches 26.1 Inches 15 Inches X Small to Small
5 Feet 8 Inches 27.5 Inches 17 Inches Small to Medium
6 Feet 29 Inches 19 Inches Medium to Large
Above 6 Feet 30.5 Inches 21 Inches Large to X Large


While selecting the size you should also consider crotch clearance. The best way for picking a comfortable size is the 2 inches rule. Get a bike with a minimum of 2 inches distance from the standover.


Pros of Gravity FSX 2.0

For its price, the bike offers appealing features. Here are some key benefits of this bicycle.

  1. Frame Weight

The bicycle is pretty light and weighs only 20lbs. Thus, it doesn’t become a burden for the riders. It can be picked whenever needed and can be carried easily.

  1. Affordability

Its price is comparatively less. If you look at the features that you will get, it doesn’t seem costly. In fact, it is one of the affordable mountain bikes that fall into the mid-level category.

  1. Speed Settings

Bike’s safety profile is improved by 24-speed settings. Different speed setting offers more control to the riders. Especially the beginner riders can find this feature it more helpful.

  1. Various Choices of Height

This gravity bicycle comes in many sizes with respect to height. These height configurations are equally suitable for women and men riders.


Cons of Gravity FSX

Now is the time to look at some cons that this Shimano Mountain Bike has. Though these can be neglected if we look to its pros. But still, you must know these factors before you ‘Buy Gravity FSX 2.0’.

  1. Frame Durability

Its frame is perfectly lightweight however, the durability is not good. For a features bike like this, it should have more durability. Riders often want durability close to carbon fiber bikes.

  1. Not for Paved Roads

This bicycle is precisely designed for rough and hard terrains. It perfectly fulfills this purpose. However, the bike doesn’t go well on paved roads. This is not a bike that one could ride on smooth surfaces as well.

  1. Seat Adjustment

There is a quick release lever attached to the seat. You can clamp the seat post but it only works to a certain point. Tightening can prove to be a problem.

  1. Choice of Colors

Gravity bike doesn’t provide many options in terms of style. Riders have to pick from only three colors which are not enough.


Final verdict

If you look at the features, Gravity FSX 2.0 is surely an excellent mountain bike. Its lightweight design offers convenience. But the impressing thing is its superior quality parts. Value of these parts and super design are enough to convince you. You can enjoy a comfortable smooth ride on it.

The bicycle offers full control to the rider. So, if you are looking for an easy to pedal, durable, and lightweight bike. This can be a good companion for you on rough terrains.

I hope this detailed Shimano Mountain Bike Review will help you in choosing the best bike for yourself. You can also order this bike on Amazon in case you have made up your mind.

Giant Mountain Bikes Features

Posted on May 3, 2019 By In Mountains Bike With disabled comments

Giant Bicycles brand is the largest Mountain Bikes exporter and bicycle Manufacturer Company in the world. Today the company is manufacturing its Giant Mountain Bikes in Taiwan China and Netherlands facilities.

Giant Bikes is operating in more than 50 countries on all 5 subcontinents. The company is mainly manufacturing the following bikes:

  • Hardtail Mountain Bikes
  • Full Suspension Mountain Bikes
  • Giant Electric Bikes


Giant Mountain Bikes


In this article, we will provide you information about Giant Bikes History. The Giant 


History Of Giant Mountain Bikes

Bike Technology and Innovations, and famous Giant Bike Categories.

The founder King Lu established it in 1972 as a frame manufacturing company. Schwinn Bikes was a major client of Giant Bikes. The company was making two-thirds of total Schwinn Bikes.

However, the company changed into Giant Bicycles Brand in 1981. It started engineering, manufacturing, and production of Giant Bikes. The company is still involved in making Giant Bike Frames for some other brands.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Sunday spinner or you are in love with Giant Mountain Bikes and Giant Road Bikes. Company is making topnotch bikes for everyone. However, Giant Men Bikes are more liked among male cyclist.

For the female rider, a sub-brand with the name of Liv/Giant was launched in 2008. But it was renamed to Liv Cycling in 2014. This brand focuses on female cycling only.


Technological Innovations

The Giant Bikes left its first mark in 1987. It started production of CADEX, a Carbon Frame Bike. Giant was the first company to do so on a large scale. A Carbon Road Bike is considered a unique featured bicycle around the world.

In the mid-1990s, Giant Bikes introduced a Compact Geometry Bike. It was a Giant Road Bike with a smaller rear angle and sloping top tube.


At first, Giant was making its Road Bicycle Frame with 6061 aluminum alloy. Moreover, bladed seat posts and forks were being used to avoid air resistance. However, the Giant TCR Frame came with the carbon fiber in 2003.


 Why Giant Bikes are Different?

The major difference between Giant Bikes and other major brands is in production. This is due to their design, raw material, and manufacturing. That’s why Giant Bicycles takes pride in completing everything in-house.


Giant Mountain Bikes for sale



The quality factor in their manufacturing gives them a leading edge. Moreover, innovation is another factor. Company is regularly introducing new designs, Giant Bike Models, and adding new features.


Unique Features of Giant Mountain Bikes

Giant Mountain Bikes are higher quality bicycles. This is because of their design, material, frame, and manufacturing which make them exceptional. Here are some qualities that set Giant Mountain Bikes. This is what separates Giant from other branded bikes.


Aluminum Frames

The raw material is used to forge the 6061 Giant frames or ALUXX Aluminum Frame’. Giant facilities process the alloy tube sets. Furthermore, tube sets are further refined with a procedure. This process includes extrusion, butting, and shape forming.


These in-house procedures enable engineers to manufacture and process superior quality materials. It helps in making exceptional bikes.


Carbon Fiber Frame

This feature is what makes Giant Bicycles extraordinary. Firstly, carbon is thoroughly woven inside the facility. Then, the frame is shaped by co-molding procedure and filament winding.



Carbon Fiber Frame


This process provides the frame with extra strength. It also gives lightness in weight. Both these qualities offer a stylish quality look.


Suspension Design

Giant Bikes has its own branded suspension design named as Maestro. It is being used in Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes.

The Maestro Suspension uses two linkages and four strategically located pivot points. Together they all function to form a single floating pivot point


Rear Suspension

Linear spring curve in Maestro Suspension gives a sensitive touch to the rear suspension. This in return makes small bumps go away. The suspension works actively when braking applied. This is because of the floating pivot point. This way the rear tire remains gets a good grip on the ground.

Maestro suspension in Giant Bikes completely absorbs all trail impacts. It is used in Hardtail Mountain Bikes, Full Suspension Mountain Bikes. Road Bikes have the same suspension system. No matter whether these are heavy hitting compressions or high-frequency trail vibrations.


Giant Mountain Bike Categories

Giant Mountain Bikes are comprised of best features.  Superior frame and Maestro Suspension System are unique features. The Brand categories its mountain bikes in two types. Hardtail Mountain Bike and Full Suspension Mountain Bike.


  • Giant Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Giant Hardtail Mountain Bikes are perfect for regular traveling. Either you want to test cross country conditions or to try smooth trails. The Giant Hardtail Bikes offers front suspension.  This feature helps on rough roads. As compared to Full Suspension Bikes, Giant Hardtail Bike has a lighter rear. Its rigidness offers effective pedaling.


Giant Hardtail Mountain Bikes



There are two models of Giant Hardtails, XTC and ATX. However, XTC is more popular with 29er Wheels and carbon frame. Smaller size 27.5-inch wheels are good for nimble riding. On the other hand, ATX is suitable for riders looking for an affordable option.


  • Giant Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Giant full suspension mountain bikes can travel on every possible trail. These are good for gravity riding. The full suspension offers great pedaling up the hills.


Giant Full Suspension Mountain Bikes (1)


Are Giant Mountain Bikes worth your money?

Giant Mountain Bikes are worth each penny that you pay to buy one. That’s why Giant Bikes are the most selling ones. The Giant Bicycle Brand offers implacable geometry. These bikes possess unique design features.

It doesn’t matter what bike type you are searching for, Giant Bikes has the right one for you. If you want to look some Giant Mountain Bikes.

5 Best Women’s Mountain Bikes You Need To Know in 2019

Posted on April 24, 2019 By In Mountains Bike With disabled comments

This article will discuss 5 Best Women’s Mountain Bikes you need to know in 2019. Cycling is not sports limited to men only, and women cyclists have proved it. Women love riding a bike as much as men. The only difference is in bike selection. All women need is a bike suitable for their body size and geometry.

Although women are more interested in road bikes yet Mountain Bikes are very popular among adventure loving women. There are plenty of choices for a woman to choose a mountain bike. However, the right selection of Mountain bike really makes a difference.

Women have narrow shoulders, long legs, and short torso. That’s why they don’t feel comfortable on typical Unisex Bikes. These properties have effects on their positioning while riding.

There are some points that you should keep in mind before buying a bicycle. You can also read our take on Mountain Bike Buying Guide.

For your easiness, we have made a short list of Best Mountain Bikes for women. There are many Choices but we have tried to pick those that are affordable and/or worth the price.


5 Best Women's bikes in 2019


5 Best Women’s Mountain Bikes


1. Diamondback Arden 2

Diamondback offers small size range in mountain Bikes to facilitate women riders. Diamondback Arden 2 is among those women specific Bikes.

This bike offers Aluminum frame which is lightweight and stiff. It has all the qualities best suited for women cyclists. Comfortable saddles with flat top drop bar handlebar make this bike comfier for women.

Diamondback Arden 2 have 11-32t cassette. This quality provides it more gearing power. It has 700 x 28c tires however, its frame can handle up to 30mm wide tires.

Diamondback is among few other companies which provide mechanical disc brakes on such lower end bicycles. These brakes are reliable to offer more strength and consistency in wet condition.

Women riders will need less effort in such conditions while cycling. These abilities make Diamondback Arden 2 a good choice for women bikers.


best women's Mountains bike in 2019



2. Yeti SB5 Beti GX Eagle

SB5 Beti GX Eagle is made of a carbon frame. Like other Yeti Bikes of SB5 series, it offers stiffness and strength by keeping the bike lightweight. This is a better choice for long day rides.

The bike offers touch points that are suitable for women such as saddle, handlebar, and grips. It has 127mm rear and 150mm front Switch Infinity Suspension.

SB5 Beti GX Eagle comes with a lifetime frame warranty with hydraulic disc brakes. This is a perfect example of a modern ‘Trail Mountain Bike’.


Buy Best women's mountains bike in 2019


3. Schwinn 26″ Sidewinder

26″ Schwinn Sidewinder Women’s Mountain Bike is an adaptable bike. You can ride it on various terrains. With its 21 gears and alloy chain, it is a good option for you.

Schwinn 26″ Sidewinder offers a fork with Suntour suspension. It weighs 40lbs but the suspension system made handling very easy for the rider. Linear pull brakes are used with knobby tires of 2inch wide tires.

The bike comes with a lifetime limited warranty. It is a good choice if you want to ride for fitness.



4. Kent 26″ Women’s KZR Women’s Mountain Bike

This 26″ Women’s Kent KZR Mountain Bike has all the features you may need. Its fork comes with a Vitesse suspension and frame is made of aluminum. The wheels are also made of high profile aluminum.

Kent 26″ Women’s KZR has pull handbrake (linear) in the rear wheel and disc brake installed in the front wheel. The bike weighs 44lbs itself. It comes in White, Teal colors and can carry up to 250lbs weight.


Best women's mountains bike review 2019


5. Diamondback Clutch 1

Diamondback Clutch 1 is a Full Suspension Mountain Bike. It is modern trail ripper specifically designed for women offered in all sizes.

Its frame possesses hydroformed tubing, 1.5-inch tapered head tube, and 27.5 clutches. The Bike has 150mm suspension in front and 130mm in the rear. Level Link Suspension is helpful in conserving the energy while pedaling.

Its frame has a lower center of gravity which supports women physiology. This is a feature-rich lightweight bike for women.

Best women's mountains bike review 2019


Bicycles Orbit is offering Best Women’s Mountain Bikes for sale. If you are planning to buy the Best Mountains Bike for Women, you should order now on our website.

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Mountain Bike Buying Guide in 2019

Posted on April 18, 2019 By In Mountains Bike With 1 comment

This article will help you in going through the mountain bike buying guide in 2019. After reading the article, you will be able to buy the best mountain bike.

Since their invention bicycles have always been thought of as decent transportation means. And just after a half century, bike industry took a giant leap in 1977 when Jo Breeze, an American frame builder, introduced world’s first modern mountain bike Breezer MK1.

Shortly after that production started on a large scale to reshape biking experience and since then people have been crazy for these bicycles.

Now mountain biking has emerged as one of the most loved sports and healthy activity whereas more and more new designs for bikes are coming every year.

At present, there is something for everyone in this sport irrespective of gender and age whether you like to go on a comfortable journey or want to go riding on hilly trails.

Though these are similar to traditional bicycles yet considered best if you are an off-road cycling enthusiastic. As the name tells us these are made for adventures and mountain riding.

You can pick one as per your requirement and needs. There are various designs depending on the topography where you wish to ride them such as Cross Country Bikes, Downhill Bikes, Electric MTB Bikes, Fat Bikes, Full Suspension Bikes, Hard Tail Bikes, and Trail Bikes.





Designs and Brands of Modern Mountain Bikes

Modern day designs include gears, geometry (especially the seat tube angle and head angle), suspension, disc brakes and wide range of tires depending on terrain and weather. These features provide more grip, handling, and accuracy while riding.

Twin seated or tandem is another feature introduced in modern mountain bikes which give freedom to ride them by two or more persons at once.

Likewise, there are many brands in the industry who are manufacturing quality standard ‘mountain bikes’. Here is the list of top Bike brands:

  • Diamondback
  • Firmstrong
  • Royalbaby
  • Huffy
  • Schwinn
  • Dynacraft
  • Mongoose
  • Razar
  • GMC
  • Roadmaster
  • Shimano
  • Subrosa BMX
  • Kent


Features to look for in Mountain Bikes

Although comfort comes first as a priority but still the most important thing to look while purchasing a bike is to think for which purpose (track or terrain) you are buying it.

This simple question can help you find a suitable match with a perfect design. Powerful brakes, large wheels, heavy tires, and a good suspension light weight frame are some general qualities what you would be looking for while buying one.

For different tails, there are different mountain bikes, for example, if you are going to ride a hard terrain you will need a full suspension.

On the other hand, if you are going to ride it for climbing then front suspension would be the first and foremost priority.


A comparison between Wheel Sizes of Mountain Bikes

At first, there was only one size for wheels but today options have increased. Choosing the right wheels is a confusing decision as every size has its own merits and demerits. 24, 26, 27.5 and 29 inch wheels are used often by bike lovers.

24 Inch

This is the smallest size in the wheel and is used junior bikes. Don’t let the word junior fool you as these bikes are as good as others in quality and specification.

These can be called as mini versions of mountain bikes and are specially designed for children of 9 to 15 years old.


26 Inch

This is the standard wheel size for the bikes and offer a good grip. Most bikers prefer 26inch wheels in wet climates and slippery surfaces. This size is known for its stability on trails.

27.5 Inch

This size was first used in MTB bikes and since then has been popular among riders. It has become the first choice and has taken almost the entire market of the 26 Inch wheel bikes.

This is the best choice when you are going on hard-hitting rides. As compared to the smaller size, this enhances strength and increases speed dynamics of “mountain bikes”. More importantly, this size suits well with all frames.

29 Inch

This is the default wheel for XC MTB and goes along with bikes having large frame size, steep geometry, and full suspension.

At first, bikers hesitate to use this size until Trek used it on delightful production bikes.

The 29er Mountain bike is popular among tall riders who are often tall. It is thought to be a good fit for bikers who have a height around six feet. This makes them look proportional to their bikes. So, if you are tall nothing is better than the 29er wheel for you.




For any Mountain Bike, brakes are the most critical element. Make sure that brake system is reliable and has supreme power to stop the wheels.

Most mountain bikes have replaced rim brakes with the disc brakes and only low priced bikes are using rim brakes now.

The major difference between rim and disc brakes is grip. Rim brakes grasp the wheel rims whereas disc brakes grasp rotor that mounts the wheel hub.

It is easy to change rim brakes and these are economical but more effort is needed for them to work.

Disc brakes are of two versions (mechanical or cable activated and hydraulic) and both possess great stoppage power. Mechanical brakes often require manual adjusting while hydraulic offers more strength with little effort.

mountains bike buyiing Guide

Difference between Men and Women’s Bikes

One of the most commonly asked questions is about the difference between mountain bikes for men and women.

There were some major differences but new bikes are suitable for both men and women. The only dissimilarity remains is that size of the frame which is a little smaller for women.

Unless someone needs more comfort now-a-days men and women can easily ride the same model of a mountain bike.

The only limitation which forbids to ride the same mountain bike is body size, not the gender.


The Final Take

We have tried to provide you general information and an overview of some features that you must look for while buying a mountain bike.

There are some other matters which fall under personal preference such as pedals, saddles and seat post.

Sometimes it takes several rides to adjust with the bikes and it is better if you give it a try and chose what fits you the most.

This mountain bike buying guide will help you out in choosing the best mountains bicycle for your next journey. You can further explore our website to find the list of mountain bikes.